Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Xbox Zephyr Renamed the 360 Elite

According to the April issue of Game Informer magazine, the Xbox Zephyr isn't the Zephyr any more: it's the Xbox 360 Elite. Yeah, we know how that sounds, being April and all, but Matt Helgeson (senior editor at Game Informer) has told Kotaku that the story is, in fact, genuine. It is now slated for a late April release, as opposed to May 1st, as was previously predicted. The Elite will be a limited-edition unit, and once they sell out, a white version will begin replacing the Premium model on store shelves (possibly late summer or fall). It'll cost $479 and sport the 120GB hard drive, HDMI port, and a bundled HDMI cable. And be really sweet. That's a technical term we use in the gaming industry.

- Glock

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