Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cross-platform Gaming on May 8th

One huge gap is even closer to being bridged by Microsoft; the platform separation that we are all used to might no longer exist several years down the road. Microsoft has already announced that it will make multiplayer gaming possible from the PC and the Xbox. This means that people who use PC as a primary gaming machine can soon show off their skills to their console counterparts. However it's not all that simple---you will need to get a Gold subscription to Microsoft Live in order to enjoy such features. Note: Microsft also has a map service called "Live", perhaps they should pick some original names from now on.

The PC version of Live will debut on May 8 with the launch of the Windows Vista
version of "Halo 2," Microsoft's popular alien shooter game.
For those of us who never got into Halo, or just flat out suck at it, there will also be another game coming.
In June, Microsoft Game Studios will release "Shadowrun," the
first game where Live will support competition between players on the Xbox 360
and PCs.
Also to come will be cross-platform UNO. Whether or not this will actually go anywhere is still undetermined. Will people want to pay $50 a year for the Gold level subscription in order to enjoy the cross-platform play?