Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Extra Bait

ATI Lasso: Because They Figured You'd Like to Be a Cowboy (or Cowgirl)
Regardless as to whether or not you enjoy westerns, this may be of interest to you. Every gamer knows that the one place that laptops really struggle is in the graphics department. ATI hopes to give you the ability to change all that with the Lasso, which will allow you to run standalone video cards outside of your laptop. Assuming you're in a locale in which you have room to set up another computer component, this will allow you to game to your heart's content and perform other tasks that may use your GPU's power as a supplement to your CPU. Not to mention the option to upgrade your laptop's video capabilities later on.

Nintendo Attempting to Block Wii Modders
In their newest console revision, Nintendo is trying to block consumers from using modchips to alter their Wiis by altering the circuit layout of the console. It makes me wonder why, because they have to know that modders will figure out a workaround within a couple of weeks. Ah, well. More practice for the hardware hackers.

Nvidia nForce 680i LT SLI Reference Motherboard
There's a new 680i reference mobo on the streets, and surprise---this one's under the $200 mark. Nvidia's stripped out a few features from the original 680i reference board, but nothing that will make you sit up and feel the urge to write them a nasty email about. It looks to be a great board for the money, especially when you consider that most 680i boards are still running at least $250 for retail, if not $300. From all reports it's a solid gaming platform with all the overclocking and benchmark-destruction oomph that enthusiasts have come to associate with the upper-end 680i boards.

IBM Double CPU Cooling Capabilities with Simple Manufacturing Change
IBM has figured out a way to manufacture CPU cores in such a way that the efficiency of heat transference from the core to the thermal paste and end cooling solution is greatly improved, all with just a relatively easy-to-implement change in how the cores are produced. The best part? It won't affect production costs much, so consumers will likely only see a difference in efficiency and performance, and not a difference in their wallets.

Intel Plans $2.5B Chip Factory in China
Intel's planning on cashing in on the booming Chinese tech market by building a new 1.6-million square foot chipset manufacturing plant in the city of Dalian (yes, just like the Dalian Plant map from BF2), and plans to have production in full swing by 2010. Keep an eye out for YouTube videos of Intel execs threading the needle of the nuclear cooling towers with F-22 fighter jets.

Doing a Wii Little Dance with Your Mac
Yann Seznec, a "Franco-American software developer hacker musician", put together a demo video of what could be (for musicians at least), be the most interesting Wii hack of them all. He's written software that allows him to manipulate loops and effects on his Mac using nothing but the Wiimote, making impressive use of the Wiimote's motion-sensing technology.

- Glock