Monday, March 19, 2007

Extra Bait

First off, thanks a ton to nubulicious for handling the double load from Thursday through Sunday this past week(end), as I was out of town during that period of time. He did well...writing into the late hours of the night while I was out watching 300. Twice. But now onto the Bait. Here's what I missed out on while I was away:

On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One Trailer
Penny Arcade has released a preliminary trailer for their upcoming game. The 2D stuff looks great, but the 3D side still needs a bit of work. PA has acknowledged this and has stated that this isn't what the final product will look like...'tis a work in progress.

Halo 2 for PC on May 8th

'nuff said.

Zalman Launches 3D Monitors
The air cooling behemoth moves into the visual arena.

AMD Charges, Intel Falls
Intel's not out by any means, but AMD is gaining a bit of ground---not losing it, as Intel fanboys would have you believe.

Nvidia 8800 Ultra on the Way April 17th?
Or so the crystal ball tells us.

Use Your PS3 for Medical Research
Folding@Home isn't just for the PC any more.

Best Buy to Drop 20GB PS3
Because it's hard to sell the thing? Duh.

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- Glock