Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Extra Bait


Sony Releases Euro PS3 Backwards-Compatibility List
A lot of games have no problems, most at least kinda work, and a scant few have been left out in the cold.

Killer K1 Gaming NIC Review
The $180 version of the $280 big NIC brother hopes to score some cost-effectiveness points.

MMOs Top $1B
Gee, I wonder who's leading the pack on that one?

First HD-DVD/DVD Disc Hits the U.S. In June
It has lots of layers. Like an onion.

Alleged Loophole Lets Users Bypass Vista Activation
If anyone asks, we don't support any such operating system piracy, regardless of how many related stories we post on the subject now or in the future.

Intel Names "Bearlake" Gaming Chipset
Nothing says "gaming" like large furry predators and moderately-sized bodies of water.

Sony Shares Details On 1.6 Update
Because details are more fun when they're shared.

Guitar Hero II in the UK: April 6th
The only problem being that it's being released on April 6th (think about it).

Take-Two Considering Selling
Analysts Weigh in On Possible Sale
Because losing $185 million in '06 isn't fun.

Pirates of the Caribbean to be Multiplatform
A marriage of the platforms for Captain Jack Sparrow, so to speak. "A wedding? I love weddings! Drinks all around."

XeLL - Linux Bootloader for the Xbox 360
Requires a buggy kernel, but aside from that, the coolness is undeniable.

No Hard Drive for the Wii, But a DS Headset Is On the Way
Not exactly a fair trade, but that's the tech biz. Or so I hear.

- Glock