Friday, March 30, 2007

Multimedia? What's that?

You may recall how a few days ago I mentioned that we were working on some new things for our readers (you)...well here's the first little tip of that iceberg. Gamer Bait has paired up with Damon and Klitts' Two Cents, which is a podcast running on an hour-long format, recorded weekly and available in either streaming or downloadable formats. What does this mean for you? In addition to enjoying Damon and Klitts' podcast (including a sizable roundtable of commentator/heckler-type folks), you'll be able to tune in and catch gaming news highlights from yours truly. While most gamers just know me by my nickname (Glock), I do in fact go by my real name (Matt) with most everyone else, which will include this podcast. Please check these guys out and give them a listen. Their page on has all of their recorded episodes, and Episode 28 is the first one with a gaming news segment. Bear in mind that this is one of many things that we are working on in the background for those of you that frequent our site.

Damon & Klitts' Two Cents at
- main page; includes all episodes

Damon & Klitts' Two Cents on MySpace - includes latest episode and the occasional blog

P.S. - I do have to note that in the podcast I misspoke at one point; the Xbox 360 Elite is not out quite yet. While it is available for preorder, it will not be on most store shelves in the U.S. until April 29th.

- Glock