Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Review: Targus Gerney Notebook Backpack

Several days ago I got my hands on this backpack made by Targus. You can typically get this for about $39.99 in store, or perhaps a bit cheaper online. Targus products have always been high-quality merchandise, and this is no exception. All the materials used feel very durable to the touch and appear to be able to stand the test of time. First, let's take a look at its appearance. The black and orange colors of the material go very well together. Nothing is done in excess; even the shiny look in the front doesnt appear to be out of place. Its also not as mundane as its competitors which usually tend to go with black.

As for comfort, it's really hard to say that Targus put anything "extra" in here. The padding on the straps is pretty firm, and might cause some discomfort if carried for extended periods of time. The back of the pack is flat and is plain aside from some decorative stitching---there doesn't appear to be anything aiming for comfort. Also a good thing to note is that the backpack is rather tall and might be a bit uncomfortable for someone under ~5.5 feet.

Of course when it comes to space and pockets Targus fails to disappoint. There are plenty of compartments on the backpack, even some dedicated specifically for your writing utensils. In the picture below I put 2 books plus a notepad along with my Lenovo z60t and it was only half full. The compartment for your notebook is designed to accommodate any laptop with up to a 15.4-in. screen, thus I had no problems with the 14-in. widescreen. Its important to note that smaller laptops might have more wobble room in the pack, yet with all the padding around it I wouldn't worry. One thing I enjoyed is the extra head-room which Targus has above the notebook compartment, that space comes in very handy when you have something like an external PCMCIA card. There is also plenty of room up front for all the power cables and accessories that you travel with.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is not lugging their pack for periods longer than 1 hour as it might get a bit uncomfortable. The backpack is probably a bit taller than its competitors so I would encourage anyone to try it on first before buying it. The quality is superb and the pack will stand all the abuse you may throw at it, and as there is also a lifetime limited warranty you have little to worry about.

Great quality
Extra space on top
Lifetime warranty
Fun colors

Not very comfortable

Editors Pick 4.5/5