Friday, March 23, 2007

Review: KINYO KY-90 Pulsating Headphones

For the last several days I have been testing a new unit of pulsating headphones from a small company called Kinyo. This is the first time I have come across this company, however, their site displays a wide range of products. The reason these headphones caught my eye is because of their "pulsating feature".

These headphones are made up of plastic which unfortunately has some very rough edges. This makes the swivel of the individual earpieces less than stellar. The construction is average, although it could be definitely improved by hiding some of the little screws that hold them together. As for comfort I cant say much either, you always know that your wearing some big plastic thing on your head. They could have at least put some padding under the joining arc, so if you have long hair it can definitely get caught in the folding top part.

Lets move on to the sound quality, its average, about all I can say. I get a little better quality as the cheap headphones that came with my iPod. However they do a better job at blocking out external noise than the ones on my iPod, perhaps a good thing for when you want to mute your mom yelling at you to clean your room and do your homework, as I dont expect anyone past the age of 13 to even consider purchasing these headphones.

Now on to the main selling point, the "pulsating" feature. It really seems like instead of improving the sound quality they decided to make the headphones vibrate to add to the illusion of being "good" headphones. Does this feature work? Absolutely, it does exactly what its supposed to, it rumbles. There are instances when the rumble actually becomes rather annoying though; when listening to music which has a higher pitch, the headphones turn into a vibrator for your ear, and the same happens with some of the lower quality sound clips around the net. There is a regulator to turn this feature on and off, as well as the max/min wheel. It takes 1 AA battery, which will last for a few days of use on the max rumble setting. In the end your ears will thank you if you just save the battery and ignore this feature.

In the conclusion, well, ummmmmm.... I guess they did what they were advertised to do, yet I really don't see this "pulsating" thing catching on. I didn't go into what was included, nor its price as I hope you'll spend a few extra bucks and get yourself a decent pair of headphones.

They really do pulsate!

Too many to list.

GamerBait gives this a 2/5


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BJones2300 said...

I bought a set of these back in...2005-2006, for ONLY $11 I LOVE these headphones. I'm really into music, especially music with good bass. It's one thing to "hear" your music, but to be able to "feel"'s GREAT! I enjoyed them so much, I went back and bout another pair. To my surprise, I bought them from "Big Lots". Who would've thought. Unfortunately, they don't sell them anymore. All these years have gone by and I STILL use them, til this very day. (2011) Actually, they're in use right now, as I type this. For whoEVER complained about the vibrating sensitivity, it comes with an in-line adjuster. That way, you can't say it's "too much" for you. If I took the time to type ALL of THIS, then I must be satisfied.

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