Saturday, April 7, 2007

Extra Bait

If you have been getting tired of WoW recently, there is some good news out there. On Thursday
"Turbine, Inc. announced today that the World Tour of Middle-earth has officially begun. Over one million North American gamers are planned to be invited to this event where they can play The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar for free from April 6th until its scheduled launch on April 24th."
So if you're one of the lucky "few", go ahead and enjoy the time, if not you can still go and check out their site here.

Now if you thought you haven't seen the iPod killer, the Zune, on the streets lately it's probably due to the lack of sales. However instead of going to the obvious strategy of lowering the price to pose an actual threat to the iPod, the good folks over at Microsoft decided that perhaps it was the color that was hurting the sales. So now you will soon be able to purchase the Zune in 2 new colors, Watermelon Red and Baby Pink. The price is set for $249, however some have been going on eBay for over $960.

As a good number of our readers use Firefox I would recommend a video from the people over at CNET. The video gives 3 tips for making the browser suck up less memory and thus run faster. You can check it out here.

For those who might have missed the coverage of the 2007 New York Auto Show you can certainly catch up on all the great photos and videos here. The year looks to be very promising and even though most of us can't buy up every car we like, they are just too pretty to ignore. Some of the big points; GM is losing a lot of the market share to the foreign companies, thus in an effort to become more globaly oriented they are bringing in their Asian design studios to display the concepts on the show floor for everyone to get familiar with, perhaps hinting towards some major changes in the company. Check out the pics above, not the typical Chevy design.

And finally the iPod contracts a virus, which has been specifically designed for it.
"Kaspersky Lab created Podloso, a specially designed iPod virus, to show off a minor hole in the iPod platform. "Podloso is a typical proof of concept virus, which is created in order to demonstrate that it is possible to infect a specific platform," said Kaspersky."
You can check out the rest of the story here.


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