Friday, April 13, 2007

D&K2C: Ep 30

This week marks a milestone for Damon, Klitts, and the Roundtable: today they've released their 30th episode of Damon and Klitts' Two Cents. Friday the 13th? Who cares, we've got an hour and a half of jibber-jabber ready for you to listen to. If you don't have that much time to kill, feel free to jump around and find what you like. I guarantee that there's something in there for you, be it gaming news from yours truly, sports, wrestling, movies, general news, or personal interest discussions on a variety of topics. This week from our end, I talk about:

  • Circuit City
  • Half-Life 2: Episode 2/Team Fortress 2
  • PSP Phone?
  • Nintendo stocks
  • Xbox 360 Elite Mother's Day Contest
  • New song packs for GH2
  • Guitar Hero III
  • Halo:
    1. Halo 4?
    2. Halo 3 Documentary Clip
    3. Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta going live
And of course all the other random things tabled throughout the podcast, including the Imus debate. Tune in and check it out!

- Glock