Friday, April 6, 2007

D&K2C: Ep 29

It's that time of week looks like Gamer Bait may well have an ongoing segment as part of the Damon and Klitts' Two Cents podcast. This week I discuss more news on the Xbox 360 Elite, as well as Guitar Hero II (and an accessory that, when mentioned, causes an uncontrollable outburst from an unnamed member of the round table). Also covered: GTA IV release dates, Rock Band (Harmonix's latest music video game), Nintendo's sales figures, and Smackdown vs. Raw 2008. As you listen, you may notice a little bit of a delay between the round table and myself, which becomes more pronounced the longer the show runs. The reason for this is that I am really phoning in the podcast from the Middle East (by which of course I mean that it's the Skype delay coupled with a slight recording delay). So if you hear us talking over one another, know that we're not rude, it's just the delay throwing things out of sync. All that aside, the podcasts are definitely worth a download, and I hope you guys are enjoying listening to them as much as I am enjoying being part of them. Go check it out and listen to the podcast in its entirety if you have the time. Because it's the weekend, and you're bored.

- Glock