Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wii takes the lead, Mercenaries 2 to other platforms

Take a look at some of these sales figures that were released by the NPD Group.

"The Wii sold around 436K units, easily beating the 360's 294K units and the PS3's 244K units. And the PS2 also continues to outperform the PS3; Sony's six-year-old system sold 299K units."
More and more, the future of the PS3 looks even less hopeful.

In other news, Mercenaries 2 will be heading to the Xbox 360, PC, and the PS2 this year. The game started life as an exclusive for the PS3, however the CEO of Pandemic Studios, Andrew Goldman, commented that it was developed
"from the beginning [as] an experience that accentuates their [platforms'] different strengths."