Tuesday, February 13, 2007

For Our European WoWers

I've noticed that we have a few readers from the UK and France, so this one's for you guys (and gals). If you're of age and happen to live in Europe, you could be in luck. In celebration of the two-year anniversary of World of Warcraft's European launch date, Blizzard and Alienware are giving away several Special Edition World of Warcraft-themed computers based on Alienware's Area-51 7500 model. Each PC is worth approximately £3000 (for us Yanks, that's a little over $5800). There are two contests related to WoW, although you don't have to have an account with Blizzard in order to enter. You have until the 27th of February to enter one of the contests, and must be a resident of age (different ages for different countries, see the contest rules for further explanation) in one of the European countries named as per the rules. Those of us on the western side of the big pond are out of luck with this one though, and all entries from contestants living in countries not listed as eligible "will be discarded". Good luck!

- Glock