Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stupidity Silenced in Halo 3

If you've ever played with someone like this (warning: very strong language), then you'll appreciate Bungie's decision to include what they are calling the "A-hole Button". They've mapped the back button on the controller with this colorful moniker, and when used in conjunction with the right stick, a player may bring up the scoreboard and select the offending mouth to silence. Players' responses to the news have been varied, with one constant. Some think that it should be a kick feature, not a mute feature. Some think that there should be a visual representation on the scoreboard denoting mutes given to an offensive player. Others think that a rating system for players being muted would be a no-brainer addition to the feature (think Slashdot's post moderation scheme, especially the "threshold" aspect). I think that's a brilliant idea, personally. Still others think that the feature is long overdue, as many multiplayer games with comm features have had this feature for years now. Regardless of any side input such as these, everyone agrees: 'tis a good thing. For those of you that are wondering, the A-hole Button won't conflict with any of your XBL account settings:

Any muted player you have selected in your Xbox Live account overrides Halo 3’s new system, but that should actually enhance the choice of maroons you’re editing out of your gameplay. Best of all, it means fewer wasted or frustrating gameplay sessions. We’re doing our best to come up with lots of smart solutions for stuff like this, but honestly, we can’t be parents to some of these poltroons. We’re much more concerned with giving you guys the tools you need to silence them.
Never met the guy, but you have to love someone who uses words like "maroon" (throwback to old Bugs Bunny cartoons), and "poltroons" (just a fun word).

- Glock