Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Microsoft OS, Vienna, to come by 2009

When someone is going to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece of software, they usually want it to last. Microsoft has its ups and downs with the software it puts out on the market; the good being XP and Windows 98 and the ugly being Windows 2000 and ME. Since the recent release of Vista, some have begun to question if it will actually last, and whether or not it is worth spending the $$$ to upgrade to it. Recently Microsoft has announced that the sucessor to Vista (codenamed Vienna, formerly known as Blackcomb) will come in 2009, with the beta to appear by mid-08. Assuming Microsoft adheres to this schedule, this is a suprisingly fast release, giving Vista a life time of only ~2 years. Compare that to Windows XP release in October 2001, and lasting all the way up to early 2007. But of course, Vista was initially intended to be released in '03, and just look how that turned out.