Monday, February 26, 2007

Sony won't cut the price of the PS3 anytime soon

Says Phil Harrison, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President. He comments that he is in no hurry to cut the price of the PS3, a move which many analysts believe could give the sales department over at Sony a boost. He also gives a brief comparisson of the Playstation and Wii platforms,

"I think Nintendo, although I am very respectful of the innovation in Wii, and I think everybody should be respectful of it, I'm not sure that it has the technology base to propel that platform in the long-term. So I think their platform lifecycle is inherently going to be shorter, so they could have learned from us in terms of the high technology approach."
Ironically he says this about Microsofts Xbox 360,
"Microsoft's approach I thinkis far too built around a single game IP, one IP, and they could learn the benefits of a killer catalog rather than a killer application. And having the broad software support in multiple genres, in multiple categories, in multiple age groups is what really propels a platform for the long-term. So I think those are the differences that we see between the platforms."
this is coming from a company that had one of the worst launch line up's in a long time. Could this be a denial stage for Sony? I say that only when the PS3 catches up in sale numbers to the Xbox and the Wii will I listen to their criticism of other platforms.

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Gamios said...

Sony were always that stuborn since the ps2, even if they have the worst console they just cant admit it. And i wonder why they released that "sixaxis" controller right after the whole announcement of the wii by nintendo.

Anonymous said...

lol, reminds me of politics

snogger said...

the ps3 isn't that bad. it just isn't that good. its too expensive to justify over buying a 360 or two. if sony really really steps it up in the game development they might turn out ok. it will be hard to overcome the 360 because it was out for so much longer before the ps3 was introduced. to me, the wii is in a completely different league and can't really be compared to the xbox or the ps3. its target audience is much broader and the games will be a lot different just by the nature of the controller.

i doubt they will cut the price any time soon just becuase the thing is so freaking expensive to make.(

nubulicious said...

Its true that Wii is in a league of its own, yet when it comes to sales most people will only buy 1 of the 3. PS3 would be great if it was cheaper, for many people $600 just for a console without any games is way to much.