Thursday, January 25, 2007

Microsoft has some harsh words for Sony

So if anyone is still wondering how well Sony is doing, this story should catch your attention. As a rule of thumb a company should not diss a competitor unless they feel that they are so far ahead that it won't come back to bite them in the end. And it looks like our good old friend Mr. Gates has joined the fray, saying Sony went the wrong way with their CPU choice.
"They took their year and burned it by not having a decent CPU strategy and then turning to Nvidia at the last minute."
Considering Microsoft is gambling with a new OS that is just around the corner---one with which the critics aren't terribly impressed---its hard to say who has actually burned the year. And a few days later Microsoft executives Peter Moore and Chris Satchell had this to say:
"It's going to take [Sony] a couple of years to get up to speed on this, and I'm not sure that they necessarily have the talent."
Overall, it's my personal opinion that the PS3 is one of the most underestimated consoles out there. Unfortunately a breakthrough in any kind of technology requires wide support from all the developers across the board. A smart pricing strategy would also have helped, due to a lack of one it's hard to tell if the Playstation will survive the years to come or just go down as another Dreamcast. Only time will tell.

Links to the story here and here.