Friday, January 26, 2007

Blu-Ray takes a hit from HD-DVD

It's hard for people to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a player they aren't sure will last through the next year. This is where each company will try to convince you, the consumer, that they are clearly winning and they have plenty of movie studios backing them. After the CES where Sony claimed they are the preferred choice by the majority of people, HD-DVD comes out with

"[HD-DVD] confirmed they will release more than 100 new film and televison titles in 2007"
This should definitely send a message to all the potential buyers out there that HD-DVD is far from losing this battle. It is probably wise to hold off on such a purchase until a half a year to year so you can see the general direction movie studios are taking, and which company they choose to produce their hi-def entertainment. However if you're the type of a person that wants the latest and greatest tech available it looks like HD-DVD is taking the lead from Sony, but in this market victories are short lived. That being said, additional confidence is being built among the HD-DVD team from what some may consider an unlikely source: the adult film industry. Credited with the success of VHS over the Betamax format, adult film companies have repeatedly and with few exceptions voiced their leanings towards HD-DVD (albeit tentatively---no one wants to have hopped on the wrong prediction wagon, not even porn moguls). Regardless, it's still a big enough question mark to keep us at Gamer Bait from buying a player any time soon.

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